Augmentations in Mass Effect Andromeda are special optional components which can be added into a Blueprint when developing an item to customize it. They can grant various bonuses to Weapons and Armor or even change its basic functionality.

In Crafting, researching Augmentations grants you one copy of that augmentation and allows more to be found in the field. You can research and apply blueprints for augmentations the Tech Lab in the Nexus.





General Augmentations

Those augmentations which can be applied to weapons multiple times, providing smaller benefits than those researched. They can be purchased from Vendors in the Nexus. Click on the header to sort

Name Type Description
Anti-Armor Module
Any (Weapon) +5% Power Damage Bonus to Armor (Gear) +2% Power Damage Bonus to Armor
automatic_fire_systemAutomatic Fire System
Gun Changes weapon-fire type to automatic
biotic_damage_boosterBiotic Damage Booster
Any (Weapon) +5%Biotic Power Damage (Gear) +2%Biotic Power Damage
biotic_recharge_moduleBiotic Recharge Module
Any (Weapon) +5%Biotic Recharge Speed (Gear) +2%Biotic Recharge Speed
burst_fire_systemBurst Fire System
Gun Changes weapon-fire type to burst
combat_power_moduleCombat Power Module
Any (Weapon) +5% Combat Power Damage (Gear) +2% Combat Power Damage
combat_recharge_moduleCombat Recharge Module
Any (Weapon) +5% Combat Recharge Speed (Gear) +2% Combat Recharge Speed
double_mod_extensionDouble Mod Extension
Gun +2 Mod Slots
duration_boost_moduleDuration Boost Module
Any (Weapon) +5% to All Power Effect Durations (Gear) +2% to All Power Effect Durations
kinetic_coilKinetic Coil
Gun, Chest (Weapon) +3% Weapon Damage (Chest) +5 Damage Resistance
medi-gel_regulatorMedi-Gel Regulator
Gear (Gear) +2% Max Health
mod_slot_extensionMod Slot Extension
Gun +1 Mod Slot
newtonian_multiplierNewtonian Multiplier
Any (Weapon) +5% Power Force (Gear) +2% Power Force
reaction_displacerReaction Displacer
Any (Weapon) +5% All Combo Radiuses (Gear) +2% All Combo Radiuses
reaction_optimizerReaction Optimizer
Any (Weapon) +5% All Combo Damage (Gear) +2% All Combo Damage
shield_acceleratorShield Accelerator
Gear (Gear) +2% Health & Shield Regeneration Delay Reduction
shield_boosterShield Booster
Gear (Gear) +2% Max Shields
shield_bypass_unitShield Bypass Unit
Any (Weapon) +5% Power Damage Bonus to Shields (Gear) +2% Power Damage Bonus to Shields
shield_generatorShield Generator
Gear (Gear) +2% Shield Regeneration
single_fire_systemSingle Fire System
Gun Changes weapon-fire type to single shot
support_power_moduleSupport Power Module
Any (Weapon) +5% Power Restoration & Defense (Gear) +2% Power Restoration & Defense
tech_damageTech Damage Module
Any (Weapon) +5% Tech Power Damage (Gear) +2% Tech Power Damage
tech_recharge_moduleTech Recharge Module

(Weapon) +5% Tech Recharge Speed

(Gear) +2% Tech Recharge Speed





Tech Type

Research Cost

Development Cost

Ricochet System  Bounces up to 2 times; does not increase max range (bounces reduce range each time) (shotgun) Milky Way 100  
Coolant   Milky Way 50  
Bio-converter  Triggers immediately upon reaching 0 ammo; takes no time, 5% max hp, and refills 1 clip. Milky Way 50  
Plasma Charge System  Stat Changes* Uncharged shot deals normal damage, explosions, charge for 1s for 5x damage (shotgun). Shots explode, radius 1.5m(?) Milky Way 200  
Concentration Module   Milky Way 50  
Seeking Plasma System Changes weapon projectile to seeking plasma bolts. Bolts move slowly, track like biotic powers. (shotgun) Milky Way 100  
Battlefield Assist Module   Milky Way 50  
Aerial Stabilizer   Milky Way 50  
Electrical Conduits  Weapon now has electrical animation on hit; When tested with shotgun, no projectile behavior change Milky Way 200  
Equilibirum Regulator   Milky Way 50  
Grenade Launcher  Weapon now shoots grenade(s), no friendly fire! Grenades may bounce, and detonate after 1.5s(?) grenade explosion radius 1.5m(?) (shotgun) Milky Way 200  
Sticky Grenade Launcher  Stat changes* Weapon now shoots grenade(s). no friendly fire! Grenades stick, and detonate after 3s, radius 1.5m(?) (shotgun) Milky Way 200  
Rebalanced Field Coils   Milky Way 50  
Vintage Heat Sink Ammo refills automatically after a delay. Milky Way 200  
Aerial Lubricant Weapon: When hovering, +35% rate of fire
Arms: When hovering, +35% Tech damage
Milky Way 50  
Aerial Performance Optimizer Weapon: When hovering, +35% Weapon damage
Arms: When hovering, +35% combat damage
Milky Way 50  

*Stat changes may get listed on an individual page for augmentations, as appropriate, when someone makes them.

(note: i did a bit of testing; is there a place to collate that for more detailed informtaion?)

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