FAQs for Mass Effect Andromeda are frequently asked questions and common queries that players have. Feel free to add your own Q&A to the page.




How do I re-spec my character and change my skills?

Characters re-specs are available after you have completed Habitat 7 and arrived at the Nexus. This will unlock the special ship Tempest for you to use to travel around Andromeda. Go to the Med Bay, and find the re-spect station by examining a monitor that scans what looks like a human body.

You can re-spec all of your party members, for a first time price of 20 credits, that increases to 500 credits moving forward.


How do I Romance [[any]] character?

There's a total of 10 romancable companions in the game. Two of the females are hetero only, three of the males are hetero only, with the remaining five being bisexual. Details on how to pursue each relationship are listed on the Romance page.

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