Combat in Mass Effect Andromeda will be covered on this page. We can anticipate squad based combat similar to past entries in the series, updated to focus more on speed and reactivity.


Combat Information

  • At the outset of the game players may carry two Weapons into battle, with the ability to expand that number via upgrades. Players may also assign up to three Skills at a time, which can be any combination of Combat, Tech and Biotics.
  • Jetpacks allow for jumping and hovering and the game's progression augments this giving players an opportunity to enhance the jetpack's capabilities. This adds a verticality to the game that allows for more creative use of cover. The game's jetpack will allow for dash and hover.
  • Andromeda also introduces a brand new automatic cover system, where all you need to do is move up to an object and your character will instantly take cover while your weapon is drawn or you are in combat. An image of a shield at the bottom of the screen will show you at a
    glance whether or not you are protected from frontal enemy fire. Your character will move in and out of cover seamlessly and automatically, and if you ever want to avoid cover entirely simply put away your weapon.
  • You can use the Nomad for cover. 
  • Enemies will spawn in different places, and not always facing you. The goal is to keep the players moving and looking around in all directions constantly for enemies as well as paying attention to destructible environments. Stopping should be a meaningful activity.
  • Squad play in combat is still key to the game but as the industry has evolved so has the game, leading to a focus on speedier gameplay ala Destiny. We can anticipate it won't be the station to station type missions we are used to.
  • Power Wheel pausing and aiming has been removed: the game can still be paused, although it isn't part of strategies anymore. 

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