Biotics Skills

Biotics Skills are a type of Skills in Mass Effect Andromeda. Biotic skills allow you to literally control the battlefield, using your Enemies as shields or even Weapons.


Skill Name
Biotic Power

Tap Button: Lifts an unshielded, unarmored enemy helplessly in the air and primes the target for combo detonations.

Hold Button: Drags the target enemy or object along with the user.

Combine with the Throw power to hurl a held target.

Biotic Power Hurls a gravity field projectile to throw unshielded and unarmored targets away and detonate combo primers. Combine with Pull to hurl held targets.
Biotic Power

Alters the biotic's mass, launching the user at an opponent. Restores some shield strength at the charge's end. Charge detonates combo primers on targets.

Requirement - 9 skill points invested in Biotics

Biotic Power Channels energy into a point-blank, high-damage explosion around the user.
Biotic Power Blasts enemies with a line of explosions that proceeds through walls and other solid objects. Shockwave detonates combo primers.
Biotic Power

Weaves rapidly shifting mass effect fields to slowly damage nearby enemies. Enemies caught are primed for combo detonations. Other powers activated while Annihilation is in use suffer reduced recharge speed.

Requirements - 9 skill points invested in Biotics

Biotic Power Hold Button: Generates a frontal biotic aegis barrier that reflects most projectiles and reduces the damage of other enemy attacks. A well-timed initial activation interrupts melee attacks.
Biotic Power

Tap Button: Deploys a gravity well that lifts and damages unshielded and unarmored enemies. Primes enemies for combo detonations.

Tap Again: End the effect early.

Requirements - 9 skill points invested in Biotics

Biotic Power Devastates a small area with a swiftly thrown shaft of energy. Inflicts bonus damage against enemy weak points (such as heads) and detonates combo primers.
Biotic Passive

Maximum Shield strength scales with each skill point invested in the Biotic Skill Group.

Requirements - 9 skill points invested in Biotics.

Offensive Biotics
Biotic Passive Increases biotic power damage and force with each skill point invested in the Biotic Skill Group.
Biotic Passive Increases the duration of biotic power effects with each skill point invested in the Biotic Skill Group.


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