Crafting in Mass Effect Andromeda will be covered on this page. Players will craft Weapons and Armor as they explore the Andromeda Galaxy and almost everything you need will be designed and crafted by yourself.


Crafting Information

As you explore you will scan the environment and accumulate points related to a specific technology, such as Milky Way or Heleus. Once back on the Tempest or in the Nexus you can visit their respective Tech Labs for Research and Development.


In research, you unlock Blueprints for new gear with the research points you have accumulated during exploration, by earning them as rewards for completing Missions and by purchasing from Merchants. Outside of obtaining blueprints from completing missions or buying from merchants, scanning items in the worlds you visit earns you research points in its respective tech types and these are the points you pay to unlock the blueprint. They are classified as follows:

  • Milky Way
  • Heleus
  • Remnant

Researching rank five of an item will unlock five further ranks to be researched in a newly unlocked "advanced" version of the item.


Once you unlock a blueprint for Weapons, Armor and Augmentations from these blueprints by applying Materials you have gathered. Researching Augmentation grants you one copy to apply to an item and allows you to find more in the field.

All pieces of equipment have the following properties which constitute a logical progression of crafting:

  • Technology Type (Heleus, Milky Way)
  • Research Data Cost (By Tech Type)
  • Materials Needed to Develop

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      I notice that some blueprints aren't researched but are instead unlocked with character level i.e m8 assault rifle, initiative armor, pathfinder armor. Does anyone know what levels unlock new blueprints.

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