Multiplayer in Mass Effect Andromeda is covered on this page. Multiplayer is co-op based Missions that players must work together to complete. It will feature its own progression and will overlap with the single player story, though not in a game altering way. Their will be some narrative story elements to the multiplayer.


Multiplayer Information

Multiplayer in Mass Effect Andromeda is being designed to keep players constantly on the move and there will be powers and mobility options to support this new faster style. Enemies will now be designed to flush timid players out of cover spots. Jetpacks will also be available and the mode's maps will reflect that available verticality. The mode will not feature dedicated servers, and will instead rely on P2P.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda's co-op multiplayer pits you against some of the nastiest enemies the galaxy has ever seen, so grab a few friends, customize your loadout and show them what you're made of"

  • Wave-based, survival co-op for up to four players
  • Customize your character before each round with unique weapons, powers, boosts and more
  • Work with your team to maximize your rewards, with opportunities to upgrade your character and open post-match reward packs
  • Complete objectives to unlock medals and earn bonus XP
  • Keep playing and opening store packs to unlock new characters and rank up those you already have
  • Complete custom missions to earn special rewards; check back daily for new missions


Game Mode

Multiplayer is a 4 player cooperative affair against escalating waves of Enemies where you will clear a series of objectives and then extract from the battlefield. You'll choose from 27 different characters from the different Races with their unique Skills and then will pick a loadout of Weapons. Players can also choose Boosters that grant ammo, skill cooldowns or extra XP.

At the end of a match all the XP, credits and medals earned are added up and awarded evenly to everyone. XP is used to level up your character, credits are used to buy packs, unlock weapons, characters and mods.



There are three missions available to choose from, one of each difficulty, or one can be selected at random. The missions refresh every so many hours.



Multiplayer has 21 different Classes each with a different skill set.  The starting 6 classes each have an exact duplicate (one male, one female) for a total of 27 characters. Each class has 3 active skills and 2 passive skills.  Many of these skills are unique to multiplayer and cannot be acquired by Ryder in the singleplayer campaign. As matches are completed classes will gain experience up to a maximum level of 20 for a total of 84 skill points. A further 15 skill points can be acquired from packs bought with in-game currency in the multiplayer store.  A character with the maximum amount of skill points is able to get all but one of the final upgrades from their skill set.



There are currently five multiplayer maps available:

  • Firebase Zero - Firebase Zero is one of the first productive eezo mining facilities in Andromeda, and its output is critical to the Andromeda Initiative's mission. Its strategic value has attracted the attention of kett troops and profiteers alike.
  • Firebase Sandstorm - Researchers at this sweltering outpost develop strategies and equipment to mitigate the desert's damaging effects on armor, weapons, and shuttles. Their collected data would provide a valuable strategic advantage to anyone operating in the searing heat and coarse sand of the Heleus Cluster's desert worlds.
  • Firebase Icebreaker - Outlaws built this facility to crack thick ice fields and obtain cheap fuel and ingredients for rare narcotics. Enemy factions want that factory up and running - the kett want its fuel, the outlaws want the profits, and more Remnant are reaching the surface through the cracked ice. The militia wants this facility shut down for good.
  • Firebase Derelict - This kett ship is adrift in the Scourge. Symbolically important to the kett, its databanks are also full of valuable information to those who can decipher it. Damage to the ship requires sections to be sealed off and re-opened for the militia to proceed, gathering information before they meet an extraction shuttle.
  • Firebase Magma - A lava field isn't the likeliest place for an industrial outpost, but outlaws built a facility here to harness its massive amounts of geothermal energy. This power then fuels advanced factories that create experimental weapons and incendiary munitions.


Multiplayer Progression

In-game currency will be used to purchase blind packs which will unlock new Weapons, kits and Items at random. You can bypass this with real money if you like. To alleviate some of the grind, there will also be a store that sells an assortment of loot on a rotating basis. You can use either real money or an in-game currency called Mission Funds at this loot store.

Playing through multiplayer will now give players prestige XP that is shared across character roles. When you hit a prestige level you will earn a bonus for all of your characters regardless of role such as a health boost. The more you play and across various roles, the more you will unlock via this new progression system.


Mutliplayer & Single Player Overlap

Multiplayer will have an impact on single player though not in a way that affects the game's ending. Mission funds will have in game implications. BioWare is also designing it so that you can either send a team to complete a mission in single player or tackle it in multiplayer yourself. Overall though, multiplayer will not be an obligation for players.


Companion App

There is a companion app called Mass Effect: Andromeda Apex HQ available for players to manage their loadouts and strike teams. 


Strike Teams

In addition to single player and multiplayer options, you can also take advantage of the new Strike Teams to earn rewards and upgrade your Pathfinder. Send out Strike Teams either from multiplayer or from the terminal on the Tempest, and success results in Mission Funds or special rewards. You may recruit up to six Strike Teams, each with their own unique level, traits and characters. As teams are sent on missions they earn experience, and will eventually be eligible for upgrades. Higher-level squads mean tougher challenges, but also the opportunity for even more impressive rewards.


Apex Missions

Apex Missions are limited time missions that BioWare will launch. For a few days they will be special objective missions for multiplayer or strike teams that can feature a new map, new kit and new weapon for a limited time. Players can complete these for mission funds.

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