New Player Help in Mass Effect Andromeda will be covered on this page. 


New Player Help Information

 Speak to everyone you see to learn more about what's going on in the game and the world and to deepen the relationships with your squad mates and fellow crew members. 

Crafting is very important in this game. Gathering Minerals and other resources as you go and earning and unlocking Blueprints from completing Missions and exploring will get you set up to create Weapons, Armor and Augmentations which will all help you on your way. You can play around with R&D in the Tempest, the Nexus and terminals you encounter when exploring different Locations.

 Scan everything around you when exploring. There is a lot to find in the game as far as resources and clues to advancing your objectives. Leave no stone unturned by making liberal use of that scanner!

 Play around with different Profiles, Skills and Weapons and customize your favorite loadouts. The game gives you a lot of flexibility in set up so make use of a variety of approaches to get past every challenge. You can change your loadout before a mission starts or from forward stations on planet surfaces.

 The Nomad is versatile and features a 6WD mode that will help you scale the different terrains of the worlds. If you find yourself stuck, be sure to engage it. The Nomad is also a useful cover option when engaged in Combat.

 There are various ways to mine for materials in Mass Effect Andromeda. Mineral Nodes can be harvested by Ryder's omni-tool.  Mining Zones are a lot richer in terms of yield, but require the Nomad. When you establish a forward station all mining zones in the local area will be added to the world map. To mine these areas drive the Nomad in and then hit R1. This will deploy a mining drone.



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