Minerals are metals and other compound elements found on Andromeda planets, and can be used in Crafting to create better Weapons and Armor

Ryder can mine materials while walking around using the omni-tool, but you may also use a mining drone using the Nomad's mining system.



Found at

Aluminum (Al) A valuable non-magnetic light metal, useful in construction and manufacturing despite its relatively low melting point. Eos, Kadara
Beryllium (Be) An ideal metal for lightweight construction in a variety of applications. Useful as an alloying element. Voeld, Kadara
Cadmium (Cd) A metal often used in constructing electronic components and in complex manufacturing. Voeld, Kadara
Copper (Cu) A noble metal with high conductivity that makes it useful for a variety of purposes. Voeld, Kadara
Element Zero (Ez) Electrically stimulated element zero creates “mass effect” fields. It's the basis of much modern technology, including faster-than-light travel. Voeld, Elaaden
Fluorite (F) A mineral used for creating precision scientific lenses, among other applications. Eos
Graphite (C) The crystalline carbon mineral is an electrical conductor and a useful part of many manufacturing processes. Eos, Elaaden
Iridium (Ir) A hard, ultra-dense metallic element that is highly resistant to heat and corrosion. Kadara
Iron (Fe) A common metallic element found in many planetary cores. Broadly useful for multiple engineering purposes. Eos, Elaaden
Lithium (Li) A useful light metal used in multiple engineering applications, including vehicle batteries, radiation shields, and high-quality steel production. Eos
Magnesium (Mg) A light and sturdy metal. Magnesium alloys are integral to many complex Initiative structures. H-047c
Nickel (Ni) A corrosion-resistant transition metal useful for manufacturing purposes. Havarl
Platinum (Pt) A malleable noble metal with multiple catalytic applications. Also possesses a degree of cultural cachet among humans. Havarl, Voeld, H-047c
Silicon (Si) A metalloid element useful in electronics manufacturing and the fabrication of ceramic compounds. Elaaden, H-047c
Titanium (Ti) An extremely strong transition metal vital for manufacturing starship components and other equipment. Kadara, H-047c
Uranium (U) A heavy, radioactive element valuable in nuclear technologies and, in its depleted state, for armor plating. H-047C
Vanadium (V) A rare metal that can be used to produce various construction alloys. Eos



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