Tech Materials

Tech materials are gathered by defeating specific enemies and obtaining their resources. They can be used in Crafting to create better Weapons and Armor.

Tech Material Description Dropped by
Angaran Meditation Crystal An apparently delicate crystal incorporating angaran technology to produce an electromagnetic field. The field reacts soothingly with angaran biology but has other applications as well. Angara, Roekaar
Kett Alloy The kett utilize a number of unfamiliar alloys in their technology. At this time, the Initiative is unable to replicate most of them. Kett
Omni-Gel Canister A semi-molten mixture of alloys and synthetic polymers used in Milky Way technology for rapid fabrication. Milky Way Exiles
Remnant Polymer A synthetic polymer of incredible durability and conductive properties, fashioned by Remnant technology through unknown means. Remnant


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