Characters in Mass Effect Andromeda are covered on this page. The main characters in the game are a brother/sister duo named Sarah Ryder and Scott Ryder, collectively referred to as Ryder. Players can play as whichever gender they prefer.

Additionally players will encounter other characters that are connected to the Andromeda Initiative, including fellow Pathfinders of other Races as well as new races from the Andromeda Galaxy. Players can explore the backstory of their fellow squadmates via Loyalty Missions. There will be a multitude of relationship options to explore with the characters you meet, from friendships, trysts and Romance.

The following is pre-release info regarding characters in the game:

  • Squadmate dialogue has been increased.
  • You will be able to speak to your sibling but they will not be in your squad.
  • Several squadmates have been named including Cora, Liam, an Asari named Peebee and a krogan named Drack.


Squad Characters




Non-Squad Characters



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