Full Name
Liam Kosta
Close range combat
Preferred Weapons
Loyalty Mission
All In
Yes (Female only)

Liam is a Character in Mass Effect Andromeda.


Liam Information

A crisis response specialist with civilian tactical training, Liam learned of the Andromeda Initiative after meeting former Alliance personnel at a "post-hostility relief action." His multi-disciplinary skills set him apart, and Liam was hand-picked to support the Pathfinder team. He's an idealist, willing to take risks for the good of the Initiative.



Recruiting Liam

  • Liam is the 1st squad member that joins you during the Habitat 7 mission.



Liam Skills



Romancing Liam

  1. Talk to Liam in the Tempest Storage Room and choose "Company like this." option, then talk to him anywhere again.
  2. Visit Aya and complete Liam's research project, then talk to him in the Tempest Storage Room and choose "You two should sell tickets." and "Explain and make it good." options.
  3. Complete A Trail of Hope and speak with Liam in the Tempest Storage Room. Choose Kiss Narrative Action.
  4. View a wrap-up scene at the bar and return to Liam. Speak with him in the Aya Market and choose "I enjoyed time with you too." option.
  5. Settle at least 3 outposts and talk to Liam in the Tempest Storage Room. Accept his Loyalty Mission.
  6. When Angaran resistance attacked Eos and his Loyalty Mission is finished, speak to Liam anywhere and choose "I'm interested in you." option.
  7. Receive the message from Liam to meet and Prodromos and go there. Can commit to relationship here.
  8. Research jet pack and go to Prodromos. Speak with Liam and choose Narrative Action.




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