Kett is a Race in Mass Effect Andromeda. This page will be updated when more is known.


Kett Information

The kett are a hostile race encountered by Andromeda Initiative personnel in the Andromeda galaxy

Kett Biology

The kett have a natural bone armor over what appears to be a heavy skeletal bipedal structure. Around the back side of their neck is a large armored-covered bone collar. Their eyes are pale white and receded. Kett blood is brownish-green.

Kett appear to reproduce only through an artificial process called exaltation. It is speculated that exaltation arose long ago in kett history when their genetics reached a point of stagnation. The kett began adding beneficial genes from other species into their own genome in order to continually improve themselves, which they refer to as harmonization. Kett mastery over genetic manipulation enabled them to develop a serum to rapidly convert other species into obedient kett, which became the basis for exaltation. To build an army or replenish their numbers, kett simply capture members of other species and transform them through exaltation. Heleus Cluster species that have been subjected to exaltation include the challyrion, who become Wraiths, and the angara, who become Chosen and Anointed.

Following the arrival of the Andromeda Initiative, the kett become interested in exalting Milky Way species. They begin developing an exaltation serum for krogan, but the process remains incomplete and the only example of a partially-exalted krogan was mindlessly hostile to both non-kett and kett.


Kett History

Exaltation unified the kett homeworld of Sarhesen, and in time the other worlds that the kett empire conquered.

The kett are not native to the Heleus Cluster, which they call Sector 1-19-NYKZ, and began invading it in 2744. When the angara encountered them, the kett lured them into a false sense of security with gifts and offers of friendship, before kidnapping their leadership and providing information which provoked arguments between angaran worlds. The uncoordinated and separated angara were swiftly defeated, though the kett would continue to have to deal with various resistance movements and later the unified Angaran Resistance led by Evfra de Tershaav.

The Archon assigned to the Heleus Cluster eventually began deviating from kett protocols. He blocked all research on angaran genetics from being sent to his superiors, using it to empower only the troops in his command, and took an obsessive interest in Remnant technology. This led to a schism between the Archon and Primus, his second-in-command.


Kett Culture

The kett have been shown to be highly militaristic, and look down on other species considering them lesser beings, this can be shown from the fact they experiment on prisoners with genetic traits considered useful and kill prisoners with traits deemed useless and have enslaved angara who are subject to the same treatment.


Known Kett Enemies

  • Anointed - The kett soldiers known as Anointed appear to be of similar caste to the Chosen: infantry equipped with light armor. Anointed, however, wield heavy plasma cannons, making them a rallying point for other kett forces, and shield themselves with kinetic barriers against splashback. A barrage from an Anointed's plasma cannon can shred through enemy barriers and severely damage ground vehicles.
  • Ascendant - The kett's elite battle master who can elevate above the fray to gain a tactical advantage. An Ascendant charges a variety of devastating attacks that we are quantifying and attempting to understan
  • Behemoth - A raw, incomplete fusion of kett and krogan with a bone exoskeleton rendering it nearly impervious to damage. Its neurochemistry is erratic, resulting in insanity. It's unlikely even the kett can control it.
  • Chosen - Chosen are the front-line soldiers of the kett, encountered on multiple worlds as support for other kett combatants. They are equipped with assault rifles that fires phasma surrounded projectiles, and light armor that allow them to move and deploy rapidly. Though their biology is still under investigation, they are capable of surviving in hazardous environments without protective gear.
  • Destined - A kett field commander who deploys a smokescreen to hinder enemies and provide cover for its troops.
  • Fiend - A large, powerful kett beast with a hard carapace for protection. The Fiend is trained to disrupt enemy lines and wreak havoc within their ranks.
  • Wraith - Nicknamed by Initiative scout unlucky enough to encounter them, Wraths are war beasts capable of adjusting their carapace pigmentation to blend into their surroundings. This ability lets them stalk an enemy over distances unseen or cause sudden disorder in enemy ranks, flushing targets to be picked off by other kett forces. When attacking, Wraiths leap and strike with impressive jaw strength that can puncture ceramic armor.

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