Bio Materials

Bio materials are gathered by defeating specific wildlife enemies in Andromeda and obtaining their resources. They can be used in Crafting to create better Weapons and Armor.

Bio Material Description Dropped by
Eiroch Fluid Sac Sacs inside eirochs contain a fluid used to suspend delicate electronic components. The standard synthetic alternative is in extremely short supply. Eiroch, Fiend
Remnant Core The compact core of Remnant circuitry and power cells has a limited self-repair capability. Properly stimulated, it might be able to “seed” similar tech into other devices. Architect
Renderable Plates The tissues of these animal plates can be rendered into a variety of adhesives and lubricants at a fraction of the cost of producing synthetic equivalents. Adhi, Eiroch, Taurg, Galorn
Scale Fibers These scales are layered with an unusual natural fiber similar to spider silk. It could be chemically modified to create a material with strength and elasticity. Challyrion, Rylkor
Shell Filaments A keratin-like structure forms the basis of shell plating on certain creatures. If replicated, this biopolymer could prove useful in kinetic padding. Kaerkyn, Drall, Taurg, Echidna
Soft Chitin The chitin of certain Heleus creatures is constantly strengthened and repaired by colonies of microorganisms. Study could lead to breakthroughs in materials technology. Spitbug, Shemrys, Pallad


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