Apex Missions in Mass Effect Andromeda are limited time Missions that BioWare will periodically make available for players. 


Apex Missions Overview

  • For a few days they will be special objective missions for multiplayer or strike team assignment
  • They can feature a new map, new kit and new weapon for a limited time.
  • Like other multiplayer missions that can be completed for mission funds


Past Apex Missions

Date: 3/23/2017-3/27/2017
Name: Drack's Missing Scouts
Description: Drack's Missing Scouts will task players with investigating a new map, Firebase Paradox, for a potential kett threat.
Map: Firebase Paradox
New Gear: Krogan Gladiator kit, Ruzad Shotgun

Date: 8/10/2017-8/17/2017
Name: Roadside Assistance
Description: We've brought the batarian-piloted vessel to Firebase Derelict for repairs, but the Remnant are going crazy here for some reason.
Map: Firebase Derelict
Difficulty: Silver
Enemy Type: Remnant
New Gear: Omni-Capacitors, Hydraulic Joints
Mission Traits: Nighttime Mission, Remnant
Mission Modifiers: Empty Resupply, Assault Rifle Skirmish

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