Tech Skills

Tech Skills are a type of Skills in Mass Effect Andromeda. Tech skills allow you to equip your Pathfinder with more experimental Weapons, or focus on strategic improvements for yourself and your squad.


Skill Name
Assault Turret
Tech Power

Deploys an automated assault turret that counts as a tech construct.

Tap Button: Directs the turret to attack a particular target.

Hold Button: Detonates the turret, damaging nearby enemies.

Requirements - 9 skill points invested in Tech

Auxiliary Systems
Tech Passive Improves the effectiveness of tech powers and constructs in a variety of ways, thanks to customized omni-tool and hardsuit subsystems.
Cryo Beam
Tech Power Hold Button: Directs a continuous stream of super-cooled particles that freezes targets, priming them for combo detonations. Freezing disables unarmored enemies and weakens enemy armor, but has no effect on shielded foes.
Energy Drain
Tech Power Restores Shields by sapping electromagnetic energy around a target. Causes bonus damage to shields and synthetic enemies, and detonates combo primers on all primed enemies.
Tech Power HOLD BUTTON: Unleashes a short-range jet of flame that causes bonus damage to armor and ongoing burn damage. Unshielded enemies caught in the jet catch fire priming them for combo detonations.
Tech Power Fires a plasma projectile that does bonus damage to armor and inflicts ongoing burning damage to unshielded foes. Burning enemies are primed for combo detonations.
Tech Power Infects opponents with an invasive VI controlled machine swarm that weakens defenses and spreads itself to nearby enemies.
Offensive Tech
Tech Passive Maximizes the offensive capability of tech powers through specialized omni-tool software and hardware.
Tech Power

TAP BUTTON: Unleashes an electostactic discharge upon a target. High damage to shields and synthetic enemies. Detonates Combo Powers.

HOLD BUTTON: Charges Overload causing it to "chain" to two additional targets.

Remnant VI
Tech Power Deploys a retrofitted Remnant Observer that repairs itself over time, cloaks when critically damaged, and counts as a tech construct.
Tactical Cloak
Tech Power

Employs light-bending technology to render the user invisible at the cost of shield and health regeneration. Guns, powers, and melee attacks used from cloak gain a damage bonus but break the cloaking effect.

Requirements - 9 skill points invested in Tech

Team Support
Tech Passive

Improves defenses and support for the whole squad through kinetic barrier generator and hardsuit enhancements.

Requirements: 9 skill ponts invested in Tech


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