Remnant Tech Augmentations

These augmentations are "Researched", meaning they may only be purchased one time, and if you apply them to an item you will have to deconstruct it to retrieve the augmentation. In order to buy the augmentation, you will need to spend "Research Data" of each kind of Tech. Click on the header to sort

Name Type Description Cost
Beam Emitter
Gun Changes weapon-fire type to an energy beam   >Important note: does DOT; single shot weapons (non-automatic) only animate for 0.25s, thus dealing 25% damage, desipte no stat changes being listed. 200
Cryo Condenser
Gun, Legs (Weapon) Cryo ammo freeze duration: +100% (Legs) On jump melee, Cryo Blast: +50% Cold Damage 50
Shield Disruptor
Gun, Legs (Weapon) Disruptor ammo: +25% Shield Damage (Legs) On jump melee, Shock Blast: +50% Electrical Damage 50
Heat Inducer
Gun, Legs (Weapon) Incendiary ammo: +25% Damage (Legs) On jump melee, Inferno Blast: +50% Heat Damage 50
Shield Oscillator
Gun, Chest (Weapon) When clip empties: Restores 25% shields (Chest) On enemy killed: Restores 25% shields 200
Shield Sensors
Gun, Chest (Weapon) 25% chance to gain 50% clip ammo when shields are broken (Chest) 25% chance to recover 10% of health when shields are broken 50
Power Booster
Gun, Chest (Weapon) When current clip is full: +20% Power Damage (Chest) When health is 30% or less: +25% Power Status Effect Duration 100


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