Electrical Conduits

Milky Way Tech Augmentations
Gun, Chest
Research Cost
200 Milky Way Research Data
Development Cost
200 Milky Way Research Data

Electrical Conduits is an Augmentation in Mass Effect Andromeda.  Augmentations are special optional components which can be added into a Blueprint when developing an item to customize it. They can grant various bonuses to an item or even change its basic functionality.


Electrical Conduits Information

"When applied on guns, this is a Gun projectile augmenttation. You may apply one such augment to a gun during the development process.

When applied on armor, this is a Special augmenttation, You may apply one such augment to an armor piece during the development process"



Electrical Counduits Effects

  • Weapon: Streams of electricity
  • Chest: Stuns melee attackers with electrical damage



Where to Find/Location

  • Research and Development Terminal




  • ??
  • ??


    • Anonymous

      23 Oct 2017 18:48  

      When I applied to my N7-Valkyrie, the weapon won't stop firing until ammo clip is empty. Any fix to this or is it normal?

      • Anonymous

        26 Jul 2017 00:13  

        i put it on a sidewinder and not only did it do poor damage, it also shot all bullets at once in a few seconds, basically making it a one shot-then-reload.

        • Anonymous

          30 Mar 2017 00:02  

          Works well with automatic weapons; I tossed it on a raptor, that was fun, but I imagine it would be better for smgs or assault rifles. Not sure how accuracy would affect it, might try that next.

          • Anonymous

            24 Mar 2017 08:15  

            Use it on P.A.W to see the effect. Don't use it on Black Widow or high damage weapons. Maybe useful for other remnant weapons also.

            • Anonymous

              23 Mar 2017 15:43  

              makes the weapon do less than 1% damage. I should be doing 700 damage, where as my pistol does 24 and does more

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