Milky Way Tech Augmentations

These augmentations are "Researched", meaning they may only be purchased one time, and if you apply them to an item you will have to deconstruct it to retrieve the augmentation. In order to buy the augmentation, you will need to spend "Research Data" of each kind of Tech. Click on the header to sort

Name Type Description Cost

Aerial Lubricant
Gun, Arms (Weapon) When hovering: +35% Rate of Fire (Arms) When hovering: +35% Tech Damage 50
Aerial Performance Optimizer
Gun, Arms (Weapon) When hovering: +35% Weapon Damage (Arms) When hovering: +35% Combat Damage 50
Aerial Stabilizer
Gun, Arms (Weapon) When hovering: +35% Weapon Accuracy (Arms) When hovering: +35% Biotic Damage 50
Electrical Conduits
Gun, Chest (Gun) Streams of electricity (Chest) Stuns melee attackers with electrical damage 200
Equilibrium Regulator
Gun 5% damage bonus when moving slowly with a drawn weapon, +10% when moving faster 50
Grenade Launcher
Gun (Non-shotgun weapon) Each projectile fired is now a grenade (Shotguns) Each pellet fired is now a grenade but with reduced damage 200
Sticky Grenade Launcher
Gun (Non-shotgun weapon) Each projectile is now a sticky grenade (Shotguns) Each pellet is now a sticky grenade, with lower damage per pellet 200
Rebalanced Field Coils
Gun, Chest (Gun) For the last 20% of the clip's ammo: +10% Damage (Chest) Increases weapon accuracy by 10% when standing still 50
Vintage Heat Sink
Gun Ammo refills automatically after a delay; no longer uses traditional ammo clips 200


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