Vintage Heat Sink

Milky Way Tech Augmentations
Research Cost
200 Milky Way Research Data
Development Cost
200 Milky Way Research Data

Vintage Heat Sink is an Augmentation in Mass Effect Andromeda.  Augmentations are special optional components which can be added into a Blueprint when developing an item to customize it. They can grant various bonuses to an item or even change its basic functionality.


Vintage Heat Sink Information

"This is a Gun Behavior augmentation. You may apply one such augment to a gun during the development process.



Vintage Heat Sink Effects

  • Weapon: Ammo refills automatically after a delay; no longer uses traditional ammo clips



Where to Find/Location

  • Research and Development Terminal




  • The Vintage heat sink also reduces clip sizes across all weapons by 60%.
    Unequipping/dismantling the augmented weapon does not appear to be removing this effect, so it is recommended that this augment is only used when a 60% smaller clip size is not a problem, such as on builds specialized on powers or weapons that already have only one shot per clip
  • Great with the sniper rifle Isharay as the heat dissipation is faster than reloading.


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    • Anonymous

      01 Apr 2017 22:53  

      Little bit of a warning:
      Using the heat sink comes with quite severe limitations:

      It will permanently reduce your clp size by 60%
      Permanently, as in: The clip sizes of all the weapons in that particular playthrough get 60% less shots before reloading. There doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of this other than to load a checkpoint before you augmented a gun with that.

      So unless you plan on running a purely power-based build or are a big fan of 1shot-clip weapons like the Isharay sniper, you might wanna keep your hands off this augment.

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