Shock Treatment

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Settle Eos

Shock Treatment is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Shock Treatment Information

"A work crew from Prodromos has a dangerous plan to try and control the Remnant. Get to the Four Giants before their plan backfires."




  1. Access data on the terminal inside the research building
  2. Find the work rosters
  3. Investigate Medbay
  4. Investigate the monolith site
  5. Scan the communications equipment
  6. Get to the work crew
  7. Defeat the Remnant
  8. Speak to the survivors




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 Once you settle Prodromos on Eos, enter the research building and access the terminal. Choose "Please Help" and check out the Work Rosters: Week 2. Follow the navpoint to the top floor of the structure. 

 Enter the top floor of the building next door. Scan the medical equipment. You can chat with Ramirez here. Drive to the navpoint NE of the settlement to the monolith. Hop up the platforms to reach the top and the console. 

 On the first tier of the monolith and to the left you will find a comm array. Scan it to open a comm channel. You have 2:26 to reach the next spot. If you don't most of the crew will die. You can warp to the forward station halfway to save time. When you get there, exit the Nomad and defeat the foes quickly. 

 Getting to them on time, saves the entire crew. If you're late you only find one survivor. Save whoever is left and talk to Jennings to earn some xp and loot the area. You can also scan the Remnant for Adapted Initiative Core Tech.




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