Secondary Ops

Secondary Ops in Mass Effect Andromeda will be covered on this page. Many groups and individuals across the Heleus Cluster have asked for the Pathfinder's help.



A Dying Planet Havarl Angaran Headquarters
A Lost Sister Havarl: Mithrava Sanctuary
A Package Deal Kadara: Windfarm
A People Divided Kadara Slums Bar
Aid Apex Nexus Operations: Militia Office
Architect on Elaaden Elaaden Outpost
Aspirations Elaaden
Behind Enemy Lines Karada Outcast Headquarters
Bridge Sabotage Voeld, southwest of Techiix
Brought to Light Voeld: Techiix
Conflict in the Colony Elaaden: The Paradise
Contagion Nexus Commons Area
Counting Bodies Kadara
Crisis Response Research building at the flophouse (“Misery”)
Cross-Cultural Alliances Tempest
Defeating the Kett Defeat the kett at Site 1 during Priority Op mission “A Better Beginning”
Dismantled Elaaden
Doesn't Add Up Eos: Prodromos
Emergency S.O.S. Kadara
End of Watch One of three datapad locations
Excess Baggage Tempest
Eyes on the Ground Voeld
Fact or Fiction Voeld: Techiix
First Murderer Nexus
First Strike Nexus
Forgotten History Aya: Repository of History
Forgotten Stars Havarl
Frequency Voeld: Hjara
From the Dust H-047C
Gone with the Wind Kadara: Varren's Scalp
Gray Matter Elaaden: The Paradise
Hard Luck Elaaden: Paradise Sands
Healing Kadara's Heart Kadara
Helping Havarl's Scientists Tempest
High Noon Kadara Port: Outcast Headquarters
Intercepted Voeld
Investigate the Remnant Derelict Elaaden
Kett's Bane Eos
Life on the Frontier Nexus Operations
Making an Impression Eos
Medical Caches Voeld
Meet the Family Voeld
Meet the Resistance Tempest
Mind Games Kadara: Haafel
Missing Science Crew Voeld
Mixed Messages Kadara Port
Modern Medicine Kadara Slums
Movie Night: Better Snacks Tempest Armory
Movie Night: Getting Started Nexus Operations
Movie Night: Raise a Glass Tempest
Movie Night: Snacks Tempest
Movie Night: The Final Piece Tempest
Movie Night: The Right Setup Tempest
Murder in Kadara Port Kadara Market
Night on the Town Tempest
Old Skinner Kadara
Out of Gas Elaaden
Out of the Frying Pan Kadara Market
Overgrown Havarl
On the Front Lines Voeld
Parlay with the Krogan Elaaden: The Paradise
Precious Cargo Kadara Slums
Recovering the Past Aya
Reformation Voeld
Remove the Heart Voeld
Resistance Trap Voeld
Restoring a World Voeld
Rising Tensions Elaaden
Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core Elaaden
Settling Elaaden Elaaden
Settling Kadara Tempest
Settling Voeld Voeld
Shock Treatment Eos
Sleeping Dragons Nexus
Something in the Water Kadara
Something Personnel Eos
Station Sabotage Nexus Operations
Stage a Rescue Voeld
The Outlaw Monolith Kadara
Taming a Desert-Making This Dust Bowl Livable Elaaden
The Baryte Rush Kadara
The Charlatan's Charlatan Kadara
The Collective Base Kadara
The Firefighters Nexus Common
The Flophouse Elaaden
The Little Things That Matter Any planet where you've placed an Outpost
The Lost Scout Voeld
The Lost Song Voeld
The Mind of an Exile Elaaden
The Rebel Elaaden
The Remnant Tiller H-047C
The Search for Ljeta Elaaden
The Secret Project Eos
The Vanished Voeld
The Vesaal Aya
The Visitor Tempest
Trading Favors Aya
Truth and Trespass Tempest
Uncovering the Past Voeld
Water Supply Elaaden
White Death Voeld


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