Ryder Family Secrets

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Ryder Family Secrets is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Ryder Family Secrets Information

"Your father locked portions of SAM's memory array, and SAM is unable to recall certain information. You must explore in order to find the numerous memory triggers scattered throughout the world."




  1. Find a way to remove SAM's memory blocks
  2. Search for memory triggers that will unlock SAM's array
  3. Speak with SAM in SAM Node about an unlocked memory




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 This begins after you speak to Director Tann during A Better Beginning. You can also unlock it by speaking to SAM at the Hyperion node or by finding one of the encrypted memories. Dr. Harry Carlyle will contact you about a way to talk to your sibling. This is optional but if you ignore your sibling they will comment on it negatively later. Speak to the Dr. and you can then talk to your sibling via SAM. You can lie or smooth things over. 

 To find the first memory trigger, you can head to your father's room and listen to the audio logs on the console, all but the 3 encrypted ones. Enter the SAM node and play the memory. Head back to the room to access the audio logs. The second through fifth memory playbacks give you more insight to your family. 

 You will find a few memory triggers on Eos. To find the second memory trigger you will go to Eos and find it on the edge of a cliff by Site 1: Promise. Follow the navpoint to see the glowing orb. Finding more will unlock further memories. You can find another memory on the Kett Base by the kett facility on a cliff to the north. Another can be found in the middle of Prodromos by August Bradley.

 On Havarl, you will find the Turian camp and a memory under a tall light. In Mithrava you will find a memory at the top of the tower you reach during A Dying Planet, by an angaran statue. Another can be found in the Forgotten Depths during A Dying planet when go with Taavos to the site and trigger the vault north of the Remnant terminal.

 On Voeld, you will find one by taking the Nomad to the top of the mountain facing Hjara, on the edge. At the west edge of Voeld, south of the Resistance base you fill find a hill will another. Another will be found on top of a small mountain by the large kett mountain base. 

 On Elaaden, use the Nomad to get to the top of the hill east of New Tuchanka. Another can be found in a cave between the downed Remnant ship and New Tuchanka, but you'll have to fight some foes to get it. Another can be found on the ground in an oasis in the Gehenna Valley. In Kurinth's Valley in the NW corner of Kadara you find it by an acid pool. Another can be found in the opne by the future Initiative outpost. Another will be found on a peak you can climb by the western Remnant structure. 

 After you collect enough triggers you will be sent to check out Alec's logs. Use the archive system and choose Benefactor and then Meeting with Benefactor. Head back to speak to Tann about the benefactor. Whatever you say he won't say much. You'll then want to go to Addison's office to look over the Nexus records. Access the security footage terminal and the file Garson Investigation (Closed). Get what you need and head to the docking bay via the tram. Head to the second floor of the docking bay and towards the apartments at the end. Head into the second apartment on the left. 

  Scann the entire apartment for clues. Around the bed you will find a holo recreation. Scan the wall above the head of the bead, which is a hidden door on the right as you entered the room. Scan it well to get a prompt to open the secret door. Inside the hidden room you will find 2 datapads on a desk. Check them out. Leave the apartment for the cultural center on the second floor. In the interface choose Secret Message to get the info. You'll have to keep unlocking memories to figure it all out.

 The last memory trigger to find lets you access the final memory. Head to the SAM node and watch the memory now. Use the Fulcrum code to access the memory. You will now be directed by SAM to the Hyperion to find Ellen. In the Archive System in Alec's room, listen to the Milky Way log. Take the tram to the cryobay and follow the navpoint to your sibling and the scene unfolds.


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