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A Better Beginning is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


A Better Beginning Information

"The nexus needs a resource producing outpost but Eos is the only planet in range. As the only Pathfinder, you have been tasked to achieve the impossible. Find a way to settle Eos and give the Initiative the foothold it needs. Director Tann has committed the resources for a last ditch effort, including a ship and support team for the Pathfinder."




  1. Speak with SAM on the Hyperion
  2. Go to your ship
  3. Go to the bridge
  4. Go to Eos in the Pytheas system
  5. Lanb on Eos
  6. Investigate the power relay station
  7. Scan the power pylons to find an interface
  8. Activate power pylons (2/2)
  9. Defeat the kett
  10. Reactivate the power relay station
  11. Scan containers to find a vehicle
  12. Call down a forward station
  13. Unlock the Nomad container
  14. Get in the Nomad
  15. Investigate the strange signal
  16. Search for a glyph to scan
  17. Use the strange console
  18. Defeat the hostile bots
  19. Activate Remnant monoliths (3/3)
  20. Investigate the entrance
  21. Explore the Remnant vault
  22. Activate the gravity well
  23. Follow the conduit farther into the vault
  24. Repair the conduit flow
  25. Find a way through the caverns
  26. Follow the conduit to the source
  27. Escape the vault
  28. Establish an outpost at an appropriate site
  29. Speak with Tann at the Nexus Pathfinder HQ




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 Before you take off on the mission you are to see SAM on the Hyperion. Take the tram back to the Hyperion and head through the Atrium to the hallway on the right to get to SAM.

 You learn a little bit a bout what SAM and Alec were up to. Once you're done with the initial conversation you can redo your Profile. Once done, leave the room and head down to Alec's quarters. You can interact with a lot in this room for some background. 


The Tempest

 Once you're done, go into the tram and head towards the Docking Bay. Cora will join you here and you will make your way to the Tempest. You will meet Vetra for the first time as you approach the ship. Vetra will eventually give you a tour of the ship and its crew including your Salarian pilot, Kallo Jath. You can now access the Galaxy Map and visit the Pytheas System where Habitat 1 is, also called Eos. Examine the planet and select the landing spot. 


Exploring Eos

 Your first objective is to turn the power back on. Head to the navigation point and find a data pad in a pod with the code for the door. Use it on the door and check around inside for loot. Activate the console and you'll have to go to the power relay station. Head up the hill to the station and interact with the console where you will find Clancy Arquist. He will activate the generators and you will have to turn them on. 

 To do the first, scan the pylon and get up the scaffolding to repair it. Scan the second and activate it. Take out the Kett who arrive and go back to Clancy. He'll suggest you get a vehicle. Activate the power in the relay station and SAM will tell you he found something like what Alec had used on Habitat 7. Follow the nav to the crate north of the Tempest. Scan it to unlock a Forward Station. Head to it and you'll use the code from the Forward Station to access the Nomad!

 Jump in your ride and follow the nav to investigate the signal. Take the road out to find a path to the structure emitting the signal. When you get there scan all the things. Before interacting with the control panel climb the pillar leaning above the panel. Use your scanner to find a glyph. Interact with the panel then and you'll be tackled by Peebee

 Once things activate you will be beset by some robotic foes called Remnant. Defeat them and Peebe will talk to you about what she's been researching. You have to activate the 3 Remnant monoliths. Get in the Nomad and head to the next one along the road. At the first fork, go right. Head along the road to activate a Forward Station. Head to the second monolith. You will find Remnant who are not initially hostile but will become so when an Observer scans.


Discovering Glyphs

 Take them out and you will have to find 2 glyphs. Interact with either of the consoles on the edges to activate Pillars to get you to the glyphs. If you're having trouble finding them you can use your scanner to find yellow lines that will guide you to them. Find them and scan both and go back to the panel. You will have to basically solve a puzzle by filling in the blanks, so make sure you are reading the steps and entering things correctly. You can use a decryption key to skip it if you have one but can hold onto it for harder ones down the road. If you enter it wrong, you will trigger Remnant attacks. 


New Friends

 As you leave a Kett ship will show up. You can opt to stay and fight or hop in the Nomad and leave. Take the road to the final monolith to find a Kett blockade. Fight your way through them and they'll send reinforcements. Take them out and climb up the base to get to the platform with the power supply. Your sensor will beep the closer you get. Interact with it to trigger a cutscene and you will meet Drack. If you have Vetra along, you'll get a different scene. 

 Once the shield is down explore the base for loot and info and head to the monolith. Use your scanner to find the glyphs and interact with the console. Head towards the lake and interact with the console to see a building come from the lake. Cross the bridge and follow Peebee inside the Vault.


Entering the Vault

 As you enter the room a door in the ground will appear. It is a gravity well. You can either jump in or let Peebee take the lead. The first room is large and you can investigate the corners for for loot. Interact with the console on the high ledge and follow the wire conduit in the ground through the open door. Scan all the things! Make your way to the next door and interact with it to continue. 

 In the next room Peebee will find something. She suggests splitting up, choose your response. Head to the left side of the room and check out the door with the barrier. In the next room continue following the conduit to find Remnant. Keep following it to get to another group of Remnant. Take them out and keep going. Peebee will show up on the other side and gives you the lowdown. She will head through another door. Go through the door ahead and down the hallway to a large room with a gravity well and Remnant with a turret. Take them out and head to the platform across the turret where you can trigger a shield. 

 Take them out and activate the consoles. Use the well and press on. Peebee will send you what you need to repair things. Interact with it to fix the leak and you both can go on. Use the console to get Peebee through the door. 

 In the next large room interact with the console to raise pillars and cross to the next platform. Scan the plant and activate the console. Defeat the next batch of enemies. Activate the console on the other side of the ledge to raise more pillars. You have to make it to the island with the tree, defeat the foes and continue. Activate the console which will trigger more enemies. Defeat them and activate the last console in the room to reveal a Remnant bridge. Go across but before going through the door, walk along to the left and jump up to reach a container with some potential loot.

 The next door takes you to the vault core. Interact with the console to trigger the atmosphere control. Follow the nav guidance and from the well, head to the left side of the room. The barrier to the room is gone and you will find some loot inside include a decrypt key. 


Fight off the Kett

 Head to the next door to trigger a cutscene. You will make it just in time. You will establish an outpost and Peebee will join the crew. Hop in the Nomad and make your way to the site. 

 Help Drack clear the area of 2 waves of Kett and he'll choose to join you. Activate the beacon to build the site. You will have to decide here whether to make this a Military or Science outpost. SAM will warn you that this is an important Choice.

 You will call in colonists from the Nexus and will speak to some folks including Bradly and Addison. Make your way back to the Tempest. Get on and you'll leave and you'll have a discussion about what's coming. You will choose how you want to lead. You can now spend some time upgrading and changing your setup and you can chat with your crew. Your codex will track your relationships with every person and will update when you speak with them. Use the map and get back to the Nexus. When you land people will ask you questions about your experiences. You can then explore the Nexus and talk to Tann in Operations. 

 Chat with Tann, Kandros and Kesh and you'll be able to explore the Nexus freely again.




  • The glyphs cannot repeat on any straight line or within a square block of four.
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