Tempest is the name of your ship in Mass Effect Andromeda. The Tempest is a fleet, scout ship that will be your ransportation from the Nexus to the numerous planets and Locations you'll be exploring. The Tempest is a speed specialist that can travel 13 light years per day.



Tempest Information

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Sections of the Tempest

  • Players will be able to seamlessly travel between the locations of the ship without load screens.
  • The bridge is the important command center where you will mostly handle navigation. Rather than choose a Location from a galaxy map, you will look at the stars ahead of you while on the bridge to select your destinations.
  • The galley is an atrium-like area where Ryder can modify Powers.
  • The garage houses the Nomad, which is your land roving vehicle. 
  • Research and Development is where the team will gather intel and work on practical application to Crafting upgrades Weapons, Armor and the Nomad.
  • The Tech and Bio labs will support this by providing discoveries for these upgrades.
  • The Meeting Room provides a place for the crew to gather or conference with the Nexus.
  • Below is Engineering, the Armory, Med-Bay and the Cargo Bay where the Nomad is kept.
  • The ship features Crew Quarters for some rest and relaxation
  • Your personal space is called the Pathfinder's quarters. Players will have some control over decor as the game progresses such as mementos and souvenirs.
  • Characters will continue to be found aboard the ship in their own areas but they will move about in that general area and will do different things. It will have more activity and less static, predictable movements.


Exploration with the Tempest

  • The pilot is a Salarian named ??. 
  • The Tempest is a scouting ship, and as such, reflects a sleeker look than the Normandy had. 
  • What you see from the windows of the ship will reflect your location in space will change as you travel the galaxy. If you are approaching a planet, you will be able to see that planet from the windows.
  • Selecting a planet to explore will have minimal loading. Navigating, landing and exploring via the Nomad will all happen much more seamlessly than in past games.
  • Players will not be able to manually fly the Tempest.


Upgrading the Tempest

  • ??

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