Locations in Mass Effect Andromeda are covered on this page. You will be visiting many new locations and planets as you explore the Andromeda Galaxy for a new home. Your home base will be the Nexus, a Citadel inspired structure that will be home to the governance of the united races. The game will be much larger than any of the previous games, with hundreds of solar systems seamlessly connected in an open world structure. 

The Galaxy Map will allow you to navigate from one system to another in the Tempest and scan planets for resources.

Locations Information

  • The 4 major races each launched an Ark (Turian, Human, Salarian, Asari).  The Arks are lead by Pathfinders. 
  • You will be able to explore entire planets. Mining will no longer be a feature, instead you will be able to set up forward stations on habitable planets. Planets will feature on major enemy base along with a non scaled boss in addition to natural dangers like acid pools and hazardous weather systems.
  • Setting up settlements on planets will reduce the fog of war of the space map, which will open up new missions and opportunities.
  • As the Pathfinder, you’ll be able to call down Forward Stations to change up your weapon loadouts, alter squad composition, fast-travel to other locations, and discover nearby resources and details about surrounding regions.
  • Habitat 7 has been named in teasers as the potential new Earth for the settlers.

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