Nomad is the land based vehicle in Mass Effect Andromeda that you will use to explore Locations. It is a 6 wheel drive all purpose vehicle.


Nomad Information

  • The Nomad is the game’s exploration vehicle. Planet exploration involves combat encounters, puzzles and stories to discover. Some will have bosses you will have to return to later to defeat.
  • It is stored in the Tempest when not in use, and deploys when you land on a planet. It does not have guns on it, but its controls are an improvement over the Mako.
  • The Nomad does not have its own Weapons systems.
  • It features a rear boost for an extra bit of planet scouting speed.
  • It can assist in helping you mine for resources and set up forward stations on planets.
  • Thrusters, shield, shield blast, life support, radar and paint jobs can all be customized how you see fit, depending on the conditions of the planet you’re exploring. The Nomad also allows you to scan surfaces and mine them for Minerals.
  • The game's dynamic cover system allows you to use the Nomad for cover in Combat.

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