Multiplayer in Mass Effect Andromeda is covered on this page.


Multiplayer Information

  • Multiplayer in the new game is being designed to keep players constantly on the move and there will be powers and mobility options to support this new faster style. Enemies will now be designed to flush timid players out of cover spots.
  • In-game currency will be used to purchase blind packs which will unlock new Weapons, kits and Items at random. You can bypass this with real money if you like. To alleviate some of the grind, there will also be a store that sells an assortment of loot on a rotating basis. You can use either real money or an in-game currency called Mission Funds at this loot store.
  • Playing through multiplayer will now give players prestige XP that is shared across character roles. When you hit a prestige level you will earn a bonus for all of your characters regardless of role such as a health boost. The more you play and across various roles, the more you will unlock via this new progression system.
  • Multiplayer will have an impact on single player though not in a way that affects the game’s ending. Mission funds will have in game implications. BioWare is also designing it so that you can either send a team to complete a mission in single player or tackle it in multiplayer yourself. Overall though, multiplayer will not be an obligation for players.

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