Combat in Mass Effect Andromeda will be covered on this page. We can anticipate squad based combat similar to past entries in the series, updated to focus more on speed and reactivity.


Combat Information

  • Jetpacks allow for jumping and hovering and the game's progression augments this giving players an opportunity to enhance the jetpack's capabilities. This adds a verticality to the game that allows for more creative use of cover.
  • Combat will use a dynamic cover system similar to Last of Us. The game’s jetpack will allow for dash and hover.
  • Enemies will spawn in different places, and not always facing you. The goal is to keep the players moving and looking around in all directions constantly for enemies as well as paying attention to destructible environments. Stopping should be a meaningful activity.
  • Squad play in combat is still key to the game but as the industry has evolved so has the game, leading to a focus on speedier gameplay ala Destiny. We can anticipate it won't be the station to station type missions we are used to.

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