Weapon Mods are Weapon Upgrades in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Weapon mods can be equipped on Weapons to improve their performance in various ways. Advanced mods can further specialize weapons, increasing certain stats at the cost of others.

Only one mod of a given type (barrel, scope, etc) can be equipped on a weapon at the same time.

They can be found in Locations during exploration or created in Crafting. The following are the different types of mods you can apply.


Weapon Mods List



Pistol Mods

Pistol Mods are Weapon Mods in Mass Effect Andromeda that you can apply to your Pistols to change and improve their behavior.

Pistol Magazine I Increases magazine capacity, allowing more shots before reloading +40% Pistol Clip Size  
Pistol Melee Optimizer I Integrated VI improves synergy between melee weapon and firearm computer systems, allowing increased melee damage. +10% Melee Damage  
Pistol Melee Optimizer III   +14% Melee Damage  
Pistol Barrel I   +40% Pistol Damage  
Pistol Heavy Melee II   +13% Melee Damage
-4% Pistol Accuracy
Pistol Light Melee III   +16% Melee Damage
-10% Pistol Stability
Pistol Receiver I    +40% Penetration Damage
+100% Penetration Distance

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