Science Pods


Selected for their years of experience and ingenuity under pressure, these scientists' expertise can quickly improve the Iniative's research and resource gathering capabilities.


Lab Technicians   Lab technicians help the Nexus science team analyze Heleus data with increased efficiency.   Earn research points at regular intervals.  1
Mining Operations      1
Improved Development  The Nexus improves its processes for greater efficiency.  Increases Research Data gain from all sources by 10%.  1
Expanded Field Analysis Forward stations are equipped with an array of probes, drills, and sensors so that automated systems can detect mineral resources even over distances. Additional common mining nodes will be made available.  1
Accelerated Research A large team of experienced researchers can complete projects with greater speed and efficiency. Reduces the amount of time it takes to earn research points.  1
Improved Development II Reorganization of the Nexus engineering teams reduces redundancies and further improves their efficiency and effectiveness. Further increases Research Data gain from all sources by an additional 10%  1
Innovation      1

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