Military Pods


Military veterans from across the Milky Way have brought their expertise to Andromeda including advanced combat training and wilderness survival skills.


Munitions Friends in the Systems Alliance make sure the Pathfinder's crew is always well-equipped. Receive a drop of consumable supplies at regular intervals. None
Hunting Parties Expert combatants seek out Heleus wildlife to learn the best strategies to survive encounters. Receive organic materials at regular intervals. None
Special Forces Highly trained squads venture into kett territory to test their defenses. Receive tech materials at regular intervals. None
Reconnaissance Nexus engineers attach long-range sensors and monitoring systems to Initiative forward stations. Reveal hidden caches around established forward stations. None
Advanced Training Increase the number of Nexus security forces to allow the Initiative to insist on military training for colonists, boosting their confidence in dangerous situations. Gain a 10% bonus to XP gained for completing encounters. Reconnaissance Unlocked
Always Prepared Nexus security develops a method for squads to carry more gear onto the field. Unlocks one extra consumables slot. Munitions Unlocked & Eos Viability at 70%
Versatility Nexus security develops a method for squads to carry a larger variety of gear into the field. Unlocks one additional consumables slot. Always Prepared Unlocked & Eos Viability at 90%
APEX Tactics APEX adds new tactics to their repertoire. Earn 15% more credits for APEX missions. None
APEX Tactics II Advanced maneuvers and strategies make APEX even more formidable. Earn an additional 15% credits for each completed APEX mission. APEX Tactics Unlocked & Voeld Viability at 70%
Ears to the Ground APEX is equipped with the latest in the field surveillance gear. A 20% chance to receive weapons or armor when an APEX mission is completed. None

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