Remove the Heart

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Buxil in Meet the Family




Meet the Family

Remove the Heart is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Remove the Heart Information

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  • 300 AVP
  • Voeld Viability +10%
  • 950 XP




 This mission piggybacks off of Meet the Family. Hop in the Nomad and drive NE to Ja Niihk. If you get to close you will be attacked by the Kett. Follow the navpoint to a kett site where you can free some Angara. Head north around the mountain and follow the  next navpoint. Follow the road along the north to a cave. 

 Hop out and get ready to battle. Fight you way through the cave to a higher ledge. Defeat the enemies and approach the shield. Scan and use the kett terminal on the right side of the shield to enter the code. Follow the lamps through the cave to stay warm and then take out the enemies ahead. Hop onto the ledge in the back and then head right to a tunnel leading out. 

 Go through the cave and take out the kett in the clearing until you come to the exterior. Take out the enemies on the other side of the bridge. Head up the path on the left and head towards the primary tower, moving from cover to cover as you take out foes. Make your way into the center building. Inspect the terminal and wander the first floor to trigger a lockdown. You will have to disable the generators. Waves of kett will begin to arrive. 

 The closest generator is in the same building on the first floor. The others will be marked by navpoints. One is in a cave on the north side of the mountain. Follow the navpoint to get the next, by leaving the cave through the tunnel to the east which takes you to a balcony with the generator. Once done, the force field is down. Head to the second floor and sabotage the terminal. 

 Take the north walkway to enter the cave and defeat the foes along the way. Interact with the terminal to open the floor. Drop down and grab some ammo and defeat the Kett. Press on and down the ramps taking out enemies along the way. Open the door at the end and take the stairs down and open the next to get to the hangar. You will have to destroy the 3 platforms in here as fast as you can because the Kett will be pouring in. After there are 6 override terminals you can activate before destroying them. You have to activate any one of them, then go sabotage one of the 3 hangars and repeat until all 3 are busted. 

 A Commander will now show up. Use cover and take out the orb first and then bombard him with all you've got. Defeat him and clear out the remaining enemies by finding them on your radar. Once done, take the elevator up one level. Loot everything in this room and activate the terminal in the middle. Go back in the elevator and head to where you dropped through the floor. Exit to the right to find Buxil. Speak to him and you can agree to help with the next mission Uncovering the Past




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