Healing Kadara's Heart

Secondary Ops

Approach one of three monoliths on Kadara




Hunting the Archon

Healing Kadara's Heart is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Healing Kadara's Heart Information

"Mission description goes here."




  1. Activate the 3 monoliths
  2. Investigate the Vault's entrance
  3. Activate the vault's emergency power




  • AVP
  • +40% Kadara Viability




 Approach the east monolith on Kadara via the Nomad and check it for glyphs which is located on the pillar to the south of the Remnant terminal in the middle of the platform. You can find the zero glyph on top of the adjacent pillar, which you can scan by jumping to the top of the other pillar. Access the terminal and use the following image to help with solving the glyph:

 The west monolith is buried in rock. You can find the platform inside a cave by taking a tunnel from the west near a camp of outlaws. Clear them out and enter the cave to find the glyphs. On the right side of the tunnel you can find the nihility glyph under the pillar hanging overhead. Speak to the Angaran and then scan the pillar in front of the remnant terminal to find the hydrodynamic glyph. Activate the terminal 

 The south pillar has a cave entrance. There are 4 glyphs to find here. At the end of the narrow tunnel is a chamber with a glyph. Kill the enemies and head to the next passage to scan the pilllar on the left at the entrance. Climb the rock platforms and you'll find the next glyph high to the right. The next can be found on your left as you step up onto the platform. The final one is on a pillar behind the Remnant terminal. Interact with the erminal to activate the monolith. No puzzle is needed. 

 Head to the vault entrance north in Haarfel. As you get there, the vault will emerge from the ground. Go inside and use the gravity point to explore below. On the lower floor, jump up and interact with the remnant terminal. Activate the 3 terminals to open the door and take out the enemies. On the first low platform, activate the terminal to lower pillars on your right to help you navigate the acid. 

 Clear the acid and get to the NE platforms and interact with the terminal. Take the newly raised pillars to a door. You will have to head north and interact with a terminal by the clearing. It send out some beams. Defeat the enemies. 

 You will find a container in the hole in the middle of the floor and a terminal that turns the turret on the foes. Interact with terminal right of the locked door to unlock it. To the right a terminal before you enter the vault will give you a shield while you fight. Inside will be more enemies. A terminal in the back of the room will make a turret attack them. Climb to the top of the large pillars in the middle and interact with the terminal and finish the decrypt. Head back to the platforms by the former locked door and the north door will be unlocked which takes you to a container room. 

 Defeat the foes and scan the glyph order on the door. Activate the terminals in the order you see on the door and enter to loot the container to find the data core Task: Remnant Data Cores

 Make your way back to the second console you interacted with and jump off the lend of the ledge to head to acid floor platforms. Go to the right side of the island and use the terminal to unlock the door. In the purfiication chamber you find 5 terminals that control the shields. Activate them all and defeat the enemies. Activate the field and head to the terminal to activate the pillars. Loot the crate. Run south across the platform and jump to the acid floor platform to get to the terminal. Interact with it and raise the pillars. Run across teh bridge to the top of a platform. Head into the container room on the left. Make your way back along the platforms out and close the door behind you with the terminal to stop the field. Hop out the vault through the well.




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    • Anonymous

      07 Apr 2017 04:34  

      Nvm, I found it - On the platform that has the hole in the middle with the chest in it, there is another console up high on the left side. Activate it to open the door I mentioned below. Use your scanner to trace the line to the console if you cant find it.

      • Anonymous

        07 Apr 2017 04:22  

        I am in the same situation - In the E Guide, it lists the lock as door 11: i.e. Its the door that is JUST east of the Glyph Door (6 consoles) on the map. This door has been RED locked the entire time. I've even gone back through and tried different combinations to see if they unlock the door with no effect.

        Anyone able to open this door? Again, it is not the puzzle console on the far West side of the map, nor is it the Glyph door that accesses the data cores. It is a door that is just east of the entrance to the glyph door on the map.

        • Anonymous

          07 Apr 2017 03:12  

          there is a secret lock in the monolith i cant figure out the code to, seems like im the only one to find this as everyone else claims theres only 1 here and this is not that one

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