Hunting the Archon

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Hunting the Archon is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Hunting the Archon Information

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  1. (Optional) Explore Aya, undertake side quests
  2. (Optional) Revisit Eos (now cleared of radiation)
  3. Meet “Shena” at Kralla's Song in Kadara Port
  4. Interrogate Vehn Terev
  5. Find the kett transponder on Kadara




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 You will be tasked with finding Vehn Tereve in Kadara. Set a course for the location and meet Shena at the Kralla's Song bar. The leader of the outcasts has Vehn and is scheduled to execute so you will have to intervene. See Sloane Kelly at Outcast HQ in the NE of Kadara Port. You will have an important choice when asked why you have to speak to Vehn. Both choices have the same outcome but each determines Vehn's fate differently. If you are honest and refuse to let her kill him or say none of your business, even if you fail you can get him transferred. If you are honest and agree to the execution you can question Vehn directly but he will be scheduled to be executed. 

 Vehn will tell you that the Kett contacted him. You will have to find the transponder. Exit the port by taking the lift from the docking area to the slums. Hop the fence or leave via the NE building to explore the planet. Call down the forward station and use the Nomad. Drive it to the navpoint on the east in Sulfur Springs. Look for a transponder below the building in the NW. Pick up the transponder and you can either do some Secondary Ops for the people of the area or head back to the Tempest. A cutscene will trigger with Drack. The squad will debate some pressing issues. H-047C: A New World and Elaaden: A New World will come up as new Priority Ops. You will complete them as you go just by traveling there so you don't have to drop what you're doing to do them. At this point you have a lot of freedom to do whatever you'd like. 

Set a Course for the Kett Ship

 When you're ready talk to Gil who will locate a kett flagship. Set a course for it and fly to the flagship which is the connected to the Salarian ark. Gear up and pick your squad. Taking Drack along will give you some unique dialogue. When you get to the ark cryobay read the datapad for info and use the terminal by the info wall. Head through the cryo pod chamber and scan the kett technology and head to the medbay. Scan the Salarian body and use the terminal by the bed. Access the medical terminal at the end of the room and scan the cryo pods indicated. Revive the pathfinder. 

 The kett  will attack as soon as you enter. Defeat them and activate the terminal on the second level. You'll unlock a side door for the pathfinder and then continue through the west door. Stay in cover and make your way through the heavy fire. Keep pressing west to the outer decks and jump to the second level and head through the door to the north. Hang a left through another door, down a hallway and into a gun area. Head west through it to the door at the end. You will be ambushed here. Take them on and the Salarian crew will shop up. Eventually the Salarains will retreat. Take out the weaker foes and focus on the Ascendant. Destroy the orb and take it out. Finish it off and loot everything and head out north from the upper level to the inner decks. You will meet up with the Salarian pathfinder.

 Interact with the nearby terminal to override the door. Continue through the door to the west, then head south to a locked door. To the west is another locked door but you can scan the panel near and answer that you're extra security to get through. Enter the lab and the enemies will retreat. Explore the lab and activate the terminals. Jump down to the lower level and head west. You can loot a rare container and ahead see some Kett experiments. Leave through the west exit. Take out the Kett here and exit through the NW door to trigger a cutscene. Crazy stuff ensues. Activate the terminal to reveal an exit south. 

The Behemoth

 Jump down to the maintenance corridor and head through. Take out the enemy and proceed west. Jump up through an opening to the right and then go left. Open the west door to trigger another cutscene showing some mad science experimentation. You will come to The Archon's chamber. Scan everything here. Scan the Remnant relic at the end of the room and a heavily altered Krogan behemoth will come in to attack. It has a firearm that generates an electric field, and it explodes into a persistent field that will damage anything that touches it. It can also charge you with a shoulder attack. It is heavily armored but is weak to fire and cryo. When you've gotten its health down some, a wave of Kett will pour in. Take them out first and then return your attention to the behemoth. At about a third health left it will go into berserk mode and regen some health and become immune to freeze and stun. Another wave of Kett will arrive. Take out the Kett while keeping an eye for the behemoth. Once the Kett are down, take out the behemoth.

 Once you defeat it a cutscene will trigger. You will now have to make a major choice. You can either save the Krogans on board or save the Salarian pathfinder. Whatever you choose determines who will support you going forward. If you save the Krogan, Birtak joins. If you save the Pathfinder, Raeka joins you. If Drack is with you and you save the Salarian, Drack will speak up. After the cutscene you will get swarmed by every kind of Kett. Get into cover and after the first wave a door opens letting in more. Keep going and when you get to the last room you will have to defeat the Ascendant and others. Defeat them to activate the terminal which lets you escape via a cutscene that explores your decision. This mission comes to an end and Journey to Meridian begins.



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