Vanguard is a Profile in Mass Effect Andromeda.  


Vanguard Information

"Vanguards have an aggressive combat style, preferring to close in on enemies and deal heavy damage at short range. This profile reconfigures Ryder's implant and physiology in subtle ways, allowing him to absorb energy from enemies on impact and shunt that energy into reinforcing his shields."



Vanguard Strategies

  • Early Game - as the only profile to get an innate boost to Maximum Shields, this is very handy in staying alive when you're at low levels, as well as the Biotic Recharge Speed bonus allowing more rapid use of biotics even with low-ranked biotic skills.

  • General Combat - this is arguably the best survivability profile in intense fights, the reason being the fact that your melee attacks regenerate shields with each strike in addition to the substantial boost to melee damage and force.  As long as you are able to hit an enemy, you cannot die by normal means (excluding insta-kills by enemies)

  • Boss Fights - the Vanguard is not as well-suited for taking on boss-type enemies, because a lot of the Vanguard's power comes from being in melee range.  Many of the boss type enemies have a way of insta-killing you at such close proximity, making it difficult to play a Vanguard "safely" but still effectively.

  • Notable Skills - most of the Vanguard's bonuses for skills are geared towards biotics rather than combat, but many combat skills benefit from being at close range, which is where you will be most of the time as this profile.  Tech skills don't gain any benefit whatsoever, but if you're a Vanguard, you're most likely not looking towards those skills anyway.

    Charge, a classic from the orignal trilogy, suits the Vanguard perfectly.  The profile allows Charge to be used more quickly, and the nature of Charge puts you right in melee range, where you'll want to be anyway, while also refilling your shields.

    Nova, a familiar counterpoint to Charge. It's an excellent crowd-control/damage power that keeps the Vanguard in melee range while giving them some breathing room.

    Backlash, a new power in Andromeda.  It's a defensive power for an offensive role, but it's very handy when Charge is not an active skill or is on cooldown.  It is also very useful for closing distance with enemies without putting yourself into too much danger.



Vanguard Ranks

Skill Points Required in Combat and Biotics.
Biotic Recharge Speed
Max Shields
Melee Damage
Power Shield Cost Reduction
Melee Force
(1) Vanguard 3 10% 10% 20% 20% 50%

Melee attacks restore shields.

Instead of a jump-jet, use biotics to jump and evade.

(2) Front Line Fighter 12 15% 15% 25% 25% 60%
(3) Front Line Trooper 27 20% 20% 30% 30% 70%
(4) Front Line Slayer 50 25% 25% 35% 35% 80%
(5) Front Line Battlemaster 78 30% 30% 40% 40% 90%
(6) Heroic Vanguard 116 35% 35% 45% 45% 100%

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