Task: Watchers

Additional Tasks

Destroy a kett surveillance device




Land on Eos

Task: Watchers is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Task: Watchers Information

You've discovered a surveillance device in a kett camp
that monitors the activity of Prodromos' colonists.
Prodromos won't be safe unless these devices are




  1. Can be found west of Prodromos on a cliff overlooking the settlement. Look for a kett camp and you can find it.
  2. Can be found west of the location where you will fight the Architech.Past the scouts for the exciles.
  3. Can be found in the North west part of the map in the desert. It's located near an probe for another side mission.




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 Seek and destroy kett survillance devices at kett camp and outposts across Eos.

 Follow navpoint to a kett site and clear the area. Use the console inside building and defend yourself.

 Destroy the console.




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    • Anonymous

      I have same issue. SAM said Stand by when I am arrived the camp. And I saw walktroughs and SAM says a anything else when camp is arrived by Ryder. So for mw it means something is missing... but I do not know what

      • Anonymous

        Found a bug: I found the base, destroyed the device and now the Journal shows both items in the list as complete - but the quest itself is not moved to the completed tasks folder. Both "Follow the navpoint" and "Find and destroy the kett surveillance devices" are ticked off, but the taks remains incomplete and no additional subtask is shown.

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