Observer is an Enemy in Mass Effect Andromeda.  


Observer Information

"Observers, mid to long range Remnant drones, can be seen at most Remnant sites. They are equipped with element zero cores that allow them to leviate, and can normally be seen scanning or conducting maintenance at these sites. While they are the least robust of the Remnant bots, Observers are still a threat to unprepared explorers if provoked.

Examination of destroyed Remnant Observers shows they have multiple sensor vectors-visual, aural, electromagnetic, and others as yet undefined-and a comprehensive toolkit of equipment for observation and maintenance, including an ultraviolet beam laser. Serving partially as its primary weapon, the frequencies of an Observer's laser appear to react with Remnant structures to induce a repair cycle. Observers are also capable of bringing other Remnant online, likely as part of their maintenance duties.

When asked, Peebee explains the name "Observers" with "everywhere you go, they seem to be looking at you.""



Combat Information

  • Weak Point: Central “eye”  

  • Health & Resilience: Shielded, protected from most disabling effects while shields are up  

  • Mobility Options: Highly mobile thanks to innate flight; can recover from biotic effects while airborne  

  • Preferred Range: Medium to Long  

  • Weapons/Attacks: Tracking Beam  




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