Destroyer is an Enemy in Mass Effect Andromeda.  


Destroyer Information

"This massive, ominous, menacing Remnant houses an arsenal that engages multiple targets at once."



Combat Information

  • Role: Heavy Siege Unit, Suppressor  

  • Weak Point: Turrets, central opening when firing main weapon  

  • Health & Resilience: Shielded and armored, immune to disabling effects, extremely high health; its turrets have high shields, but low armor health

  • Mobility Options: Low mobility; slow walk speed  

  • Preferred Range: Any  

  • Weapons/Attacks: Central Cannon, Close-Range Radial Energy Dome Discharge, Rapid-Fire Turrets

  • [at levels above 40, difficulty level Hard] Can appear as "Progenitor": addiotnal ability to create observers up to a maximum number of 5




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