Deep Space Explorer Helmet

Tech Type
Milky Way Tech
Bonus 1

+10% Encounter XP increase

Bonus 2


Bonus 3


Augmentation Slots


Blueprint Cost


Deep Space Explorer Helmet is an Helmet in Mass Effect Andromeda


Deep Space Explorer Helmet Information

"The Andromeda Initiative's mission is one of discovery and exploration, as well as colonization. Readying personnel to journey into harsh environments - and even the void of space-was always part of the plan. Thus, the Initiative's custom Deep Space Explorer [DSE] hardsuit is equipped with multiple environment seals, failsafes, a hefty liquid oxygen supply, a formidable kinectic barrier generator, and an array of scientific instruments. Although many were built, most were mysteriously lost en to Andromeda"



Materials Needed




Where to Find/Location

  • Obtained after pre-ordering Mass Effect Andromeda.




  • Ultra Rare Helmet


    • Anonymous

      04 Aug 2017 04:33  

      Blueprints for Level 1 available for those who have Armor from pre-order or Deluxe Edition. I have also found a blueprint that let me craft a Level 2 set but I'm not sure where i found it and have never found another.

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