Deep Space Explorer Chest

Chest Armor
Tech Type
Milky Way Tech
Bonus 1

+15% Encounter XP increase

Bonus 2

+5% Weapon Damage

Augmentation Slots


Blueprint Cost


Deep Space Explorer Chest is a Chest Armor in Mass Effect Andromeda


Deep Space Explorer Chest Information

" The Andromeda Initiative's mission is one of discovery and exploration, as well as colonization. Readying personnel to journey into harsh environments- and even the void of space- was always part of the plan. Thus, the initiative's custom Deep Space Explorer [DSE] hardsuit is equipped with multiple environment seals, failsafes, a hefty liquid oxygen supply, a formidable kinetic barrier generator, and an array of scientific instruments. Although many were built, most were mysteriously lost en route to Andromeda.



Materials Needed




Where to Find/Location

  • This item is only obtainable by pre-ordering Mass Effect Andromeda.




  • This item cannot be deconstructed. Choosing to deconstruct the item will only destroy it.


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