A Better Beginning


A Better Beginning is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


A Better Beginning Information

"The nexus needs a resource producing outpost but Eos is the only planet in range. As the only Pathfinder, you have been tasked to achieve the impossible. Find a way to settle Eos and give the Initiative the foothold it needs. Director Tann has committed the resources for a last ditch effort, including a ship and support team for the Pathfinder."




  1. Speak with SAM on the Hyperion
  2. Go to your ship
  3. Go to the bridge
  4. Go to Eos in the Pytheas system
  5. Lanb on Eos
  6. Investigate the power relay station
  7. Scan the power pylons to find an interface
  8. Activate power pylons (2/2)
  9. Defeat the kett
  10. Reactivate the power relay station
  11. Scan containers to find a vehicle
  12. Call down a forward station
  13. Unlock the Nomad container
  14. Get in the Nomad
  15. Investigate the strange signal
  16. Search for a glyph to scan
  17. Use the strange console
  18. Defeat the hostile bots
  19. Activate Remnant monoliths (3/3)
  20. Investigate the entrance
  21. Explore the Remnant vault
  22. Activate the gravity well
  23. Follow the conduit farther into the vault
  24. Repair the conduit flow
  25. Find a way through the caverns
  26. Follow the conduit to the source
  27. Escape the vault
  28. Establish an outpost at an appropriate site
  29. Speak with Tann at the Nexus Pathfinder HQ




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