Trade Capacity

Commerce Pods
Unlock Cost

Trade Capacity is a Cryo Pod in Mass Effect Andromeda. Cryo Pods are resources that you obtain by making upgrades to the Nexus. The more you improve the Nexus, the more Cryo Pods Points you earn which you can use to awaken new colonists from stasis.


Trade Capacity Information

"Strategic placement of Nexus ressources increases the capacity for trade and transport."



Permanent Reward

  • Gives the Pathfinder 15 additional inventory slots.




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    • Anonymous

      05 Apr 2017 15:16  

      how do you unlock Trade Capacity II: and other AVP perks? im at the same point of the story as my friend, we have done exactly the same missions 1:1 , going for 100% of the game and he has 22 perks to choose from and my other friend has 28 AVP perks. im still at 20... how do you unlock ones you dodnt start with in your list

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