The Flophouse

Secondary Ops

Talk to the injured krogan at New Tuchanka, or approach the flophouse




Land on Elaaden

The Flophouse is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


The Flophouse Information

Nakmor scouts have reported that many of Elaaden's scavengers take refuge in a flophouse hidden in a canyon. A concentrated population of troublemakers might be a cause for concern.




  1. Enter the command center.
  2. Override the security station.
  3. Hold your ground until the security can be hacked.
  4. Clear out the command center.
  5. Defeat the leader of the flophouse.
  6. Eliminate defenders.
  7. Clear the flophourse of scavengers.




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  Approach the injured krogan in New Tuchanka or enter the Flophouse.

 Walk towards the west building until you are within range of the front door. Your team dialogue will mention that the command center doors are locked and direct you to the security station. This station is on the east side of the Flophouse, and on the highest ledge of the cliffs. 

 Enter the building and activate the terminal in front of the door. Stay within the glowing white circle and fight the waves of scavengers until the hacking process is complete. There is an optional objective to turn off the sirens to stop the waves of enemies from spawning.  

 Approach the command center again and enter the now unlocked doors. Fight through the enemies on the main floor and then turn left to go up stairs. Enter the doors on the second floor and defeat the scavengers and their leader.  




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