Task: Unearthed

Additional Task

Speak to Fleera at Mithrava Sanctuary




Helping Havarl's Scientists

Task: Unearthed is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Task: Unearthed Information

"A sage in Mithrava told you that upheaval in the jungles of Havarl often unearths Remnant devices that would otherwise remain buried. Studying these devices could reveal more information about Remnant technology."




  1. Collect unearthed remnant devices on Havarl.




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 Talk to Fleera at Mithrava Sanctuary.

 Collect eight of the Remnant devices on Havarl.  They can be found near Remnant sites.





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    • Anonymous

      13 Apr 2017 13:04  

      West side of bridge:
      one just north of the bridge, just above and to the west of the pod.
      one on the south side of the bridge, down a little drop, in some foliage.

      East side of bridge:
      one is about 30 yards north east of the pod in the centre of that side of the map.
      the rest are around the walls of the east side. if you spawn at the pod then head north to start the rest will make themselves known as you traverase around this side of the map, here are a few to keep an eye out for:
      one is in the little side area to the very north corner from the bridge, its to the right as you go in.
      one is above a cave entrance in the north east side.
      and one is behind the vault entrance in the south east corner.

      hope this helps.

      • Anonymous

        09 Apr 2017 04:23  

        15 Remnant research data and 29 viability points is what I got as a reward.

        (As a note, I had already achieved 100% viability for Havarl before I finished this quest. So it may be different for those who complete the quest before they hit 100%)

        • Anonymous

          Task: Unearthed [ME:A Wiki]25 Mar 2017 16:34  

          I found 2 on the west side of the bridge, one just north and the other just south. The others were all on the east side of the bridge, along mostly the walls. Quest was completed.

          • Anonymous

            23 Mar 2017 16:11  

            Finished the mission, it took a decent amount of time because the locations aren't marked and there are about 20 of them. I couldn't figure out the reward, it said i would be revealed information about remnant tech but did nothing else.

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