Task: Kadara's Ransom

Additional Task

Hit the Outcast outpost




Must have interrogated Vehn Terev in “Hunting the Archon”

Task: Kadara's Ransom is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Task: Kadara's Ransom Information

"You found a datapad revealing that the Collective is hiding a member of the Outcast for ransom."




  1. Search for more datapads on Outcast member being held by Collective.
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 Assault the Outcast outpost and find the datapad.

 Attack other outposts or camps to acquire more datapads.

 Follow navpoint at a small camp near Sulfur Springs, investigate the bodies here but be careful about land mines.

 Read the datapad on a body.




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    • Anonymous

      06 Jul 2017 22:14  

      This quest is glitched for many people, on many different forums, on any platform Ps4, XB1 or Pc.
      At some point you reach a location where you have to "scan" bodies or find a Datapad, but even though the bodies are here it's impossible to scan them.
      They might even dissapear if you reload your game or leave the planet and comeback. And no datapad as well... we're all just on the spot's location and nothing happend. The end of the quest doesn't trigger. It's been around since the beginning, had never been fixed and it's version 1.09 now...

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