Task: Cold Hard Cache

Additional Task

Approach the target area




Must have interrogated Vehn Terev in “Hunting the Archon”

Task: Cold Hard Cache is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Task: Cold Hard Cache Information

You discovered a weapons cache on Kadara. Continue to scan cashes to determine their destination.




  1. Scan weapons caches




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 On south east part of Kadara (south of the Spirit's Ledge Forward Station), a wrecked shuttle can be found. Scan the weapons cache crate here.

 Follow navpoint to a camp with tower, scan the weapons cache and find the datapad here.

 Follow next navpoint to the last outpost at the end of the Spirit’s Ledge road. There you will encounter lots of outlaws, defeat them and prevent shuttle from leaving Kadara.





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    • Anonymous

      13 Apr 2017 17:01  

      if you reading this that's mean you have been searching this quest for hours and with no luck but hey i have the solution
      after cleaning 3 location go to your ship check E-mail under title "Something Suspicious" check this like and do this quest

      after you talk to her sister go to the ship because when you finish talking to her she tell you go to duck bay and when you go there the quest tell you go to ops and it will be loop so just go to your ship and scan the 3 location after scanning it will tell you go to kadara and go to this location

      after cleaning this location all of them and scan the building both floors and docking area ,after that go to this location the one you already clear it and scan the box again

      after scaling go to this location and do the same but forces because you need to read a pad there

      after cleaning and scanning and reading you will find out that the flying soldier is gone

      after this go to this location and kill them all and go to both bays and destroy cargo

      and that's it my friend the quest is over
      i hope i helped you because i know you you suffered enough from this !@#$ing quest

      take care

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