Station Sabotage

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Station Sabotage is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Station Sabotage Information

"Technician Raj Patil believes someone is sabotaging Nexus systems, and he's asked your help investigating possible sabotage sites."




  1. Investigate Operation Center site
  2. Investigate Militia site
  3. Investigate Pathfinder HQ site
  4. Confront the saboteur
  5. Investigate the security footage
  6. Scan security people in the Ops Center
  7. Scan Nexus security transferred to the Hyperion
  8. Confront Dale




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 Once you speak to Director Tann about settling Eos, Raj Patel begins work outside Tann's office. Speak to him and agree to help him. He will give you the locations of the malfunctioning systems and ask you to scan them. If you happened to refuse the quest you save and load or leave the area and speak to him again. You can scan the consoles in any order.

 Head down the stairs by the Info Wall. At the bottom of the stairs, go left and scan the wall panel. Then head across the hallway and into the militia office. Scan the back wall and the sabotaged panel. 

 Head into Tann's office and scan the wall to the left and find another panel. Scan the wall in the same spot and trace the line through the wall out the office and to the top deck of colonial affairs. Scan the junction box on the back wall of the upper deck. The third panel in ops is on the wall near the entrance to Kesh's office. Scan it to find a conduit running through the wall from the console by the stairs. When the panels are scanned, Raj will contact you about what happened. 

 Head from ops to habitation. Follow the quest nav to Zarah Kellus. Talk to her about what's going on. Afterwards, head back to ops and colonial affairs. Access the security console and find the footage. Activate the 3 footage files but they're corrupt. SAM can figure things out if you scan human males on the Nexus and Hyperion. Climb the stairs and scan the security guard Liev Dutil. Then head down the stairs and scan Bart Cummings who is behind Kandros by the Strike Team section. Head back to the Hyperion habitation deck and scan the kneeling security guard in the first room on the right. This is your guy. Choose whether to exile him or turn him in for being so dense as to commit an easily trackable crime in a world populated by scanning tools.




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