Something Personnel

Secondary Ops
Datapad on Eos
Land on Eos

Something Personnel is a Mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. Missions advance the main story, and flesh out the side content of the game as well as provide opportunities for rewards and exploration.


Something Personnel Information

"Mission description goes here."




  1. Find the emergency muster point
  2. Talk to Vladimir Brecka to redeploy Lito




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 Make your way east of Site 1: Promise until you come to an incline. Use your jets up to get to the muster point which is a small device you can't scan with a green light. Examine the datapad by it. 

 Once you're back on the Nexus, head to the 3rd level to Addison's office to speak with Vladimir Brecka at the cryo pods console. Ask about Eos Chief Engineer Grace Lito. He will do so and the mission will be complete. 



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    • Anonymous

      Anyone know if you can still deploy Lito after deploying the Turian, Darket Tiervian for the mission Task: Waking Up To The Future?
      I deployed Tiervian, and now this mission is at a standstill.

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