Shield Disruptor

Remnant Tech Augmentations
Gun, Legs
Research Cost
50 Remnant Research Date
Development Cost
50 Remnant Research Date

Shield Disruptor is an Augmentation in Mass Effect Andromeda.  Augmentations are special optional components which can be added into a Blueprint when developing Weapons or Armor to customize them. They can grant various bonuses to an item or even change its basic functionality.


Shield Disruptor Information

"This is a Special augmentation. You may apply one such augment to an item during the development process."


Shield Disruptor Effects

  • Weapon: Disruptor ammo: +25% Shield Damage
  • Legs: On jump melee, Shock Blast: +50% Electrical Damage



Where to Find/Location

  • Reseach and Development Terminal




  • ??
  • ??


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