Scavenger Chest

Chest Armor
Tech Type
Milky Way Tech
Bonus 1

-15% Weapon Weight

Bonus 2

+15% Max Ammo

Bonus 3

+10% Sell Prices

Augmentation Slots


Blueprint Cost


Scavenger Chest is a Chest Armor in Mass Effect Andromeda


Scavenger Chest Information

"The Auto-Recycling Technical and Combat Interface Armor - a name only slightly less awkward in the original turian - is better known as the Scavenger Hardsuit. Originally built by Armax Arsenal in the Milky Way, the Scavenger incorporates quarian technology that allows the user to better analyze, interface, and integrate foreign components. A handful of these suits were given to the Initiative by an anonymous turian donor."



Materials Needed




Where to Find/Location

  • This armor can only be obtained from the Deluxe and Super Deluxe Editions of Mass Effect: Andromeda.




  • This item cannot be deconstructed. Choosing to deconstruct the item will only destroy it.


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